Why HFM Teams?

Because HFM Teams are...

  • Simple

  • Natural 

  • Powerful

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  • HomeFront Missions (HFM) isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it. More than likely, you are already doing everything a HFM team does. It’s as SIMPLE as telling true stories, talking to your Best Friend, and finding ways to be a friend. We call it TELL, PRAY, DISCOVER . HFM does these things with a “we love because Jesus first loved me” perspective. When we include Jesus’ Spirit in the mix, it becomes both natural and powerful.

  • Faith that moves mountains. Because Jesus first loved us, we find ourselves compelled to obey His command to love as He loved. But love and faith do not hold still. They act. And when we do so obediently, so does God. Jesus said when we believe in Him and do the works He does, we would do even greater works. That’s POWERFUL. HomeFront Missions (HFM) teams are committed to three simple, natural practices. TELL, PRAY, DISCOVER.

  • Relationships. Have you ever experienced anything so complex. Pushing, pulling, sharing, growing, living, dying, needing, hurting, healing, listening, talking, hating, loving , giving, receiving… It is a chaotic masterpiece story beautifully orchestrated by God. In an effort to enter God’s story of relationships in a way that will glorify Jesus, HomeFront Missions (HFM) teams practice three NATURAL disciplines together: TELL, PRAY, DISCOVER. Then we watch and trust Him with the results. It’s both simple and powerful.

  • Scripture

    Acts 1:8
    Matthew 9:36-38
    Hebrews 10:24-25
    1 John 3:23-24
    Matthew 28:18-20
    Mark 1:17
    2 Corinthians 5:14-15
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    What is a HFM Team?