What is a HFM Team?

HomeFront Missions is teams of students with adult coaches who together, follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them.

Teams of students meet weekly with adult coaches to Tell, Pray and Discover how God is challenging them to take risks and invite their lost friends to discover Jesus with them.


HomeFront Missions Teams are comprised of a handful of students (2-12) with an adult coach (HFM-C) who meet weekly from 30 to 90 minutes, the norm being about an hour. YFC staff and HFM Coaches will seek to grow more and more teams over time. There may be many HFM Teams represented in any given campus or community. Often HFM Teams are made up of students from the same campus or community. 


There are three elements (Tell/Pray/Discover) that are always included in meetings. These three elements are founded on biblical principles illustrated in Youth For Christ's 3Story®: God’s Story, My Story, and Their Story. They are organized in a way to help students tell true stories, live a life of prayer, and discover how to intentionally and tangibly love Jesus and others. These elements are more than agenda items, they are backbone of how a HFM team communicates. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

These elements can take place in any order during a meeting. One element may receive more attentions than the others, depending upon the needs of the team that week.


Why HFM Teams?