HomeFront Missions Coaches

Hey Coach! Thanks for putting in the hours. You encourage. You pray. You remind when the mission is forgotten. You listen. You model. You bring us back to the meeting when distracted. You demonstrate compassion. You point out Jesus in everyday life. You share your life with us. You show up and you don't give up. In all of this, you connect our stories to the Gospel Story.Thanks!

HomeFront Missions Coaches, this page is for you. From here you will be able to get to everything Youth For Christ has to offer online to support your ministry and stay connected with us. Watch for new tools and activities as it grows.

  • Coming Soon! View or download HFM HeartBeat cards to print for you and your team.

  • Encourage us or ask a question.  Leave a comment about your team, prayer, Holy Experiments . . . HFM stuff. And everyone around here likes a story.

  • More coming soon . . .