Personalize the Gospel

Discovering how the Gospel Story is relevant, life-giving good news for every day life.


Discovering how the Gospel is relevant, good news to our everyday struggles.

1. Tell the Gospel Story. Use the icons as a guide to remember.

2. Now Personalize it. Think of a struggle you have and then answer the seven questions below. These questions only make sense in the context of the Gospel, Genesis to Pentecost.

  • ONE

    In the beginning, God declared all creation good.

    If there was no sin, like in the Garden of Eden, how would my struggle be different?

  • TWO

    God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

    In my struggle, like Adam and Eve, how am I experiencing aloneness where things just aren't good between myself and others? What about God and I?


    Adam and Eve were tempted to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, declaring independence from God.

    How am I trying to fix my situation independently from God?


    What stories am I believing and telling myself and others about my situation to justify my thoughts, feelings and actions?


    What do you do to escape or medicate the pain?

  • FOUR

    Our independent, I can do it all by myself, my way, attitude is sin and causes aloneness, the worst of which will be hell, eternal separation from God and all that is good.

    How’s that working out for you . . . fixing things your own way?

  • FIVE

    We cannot fix our problem on our own independently of God.

    Do you believe Jesus, the Son of God, had to die so we could be forgiven for the aloneness and pain our sin causes?

    If so, are you believing you are forgiven and God loves you right now?

    (Give yourself time to let these questions sink in and really believe it is true for you.)

  • SIX

    God has given me His Holy Spirit which empowers me to live God's way .

    Do you believe you are born again with the Holy Spirit living in you? You are a new you! 

    Are you believing the Holy Spirit can handle your struggle and heal the aloneness and pain? Do you really trust Him?

    (Give yourself time to let this question sink in and really believe it is true for you.)


    I have declareed dependence on God instead of doing things my own way. This is called repentance.

    Ask God, "How do You want me to love others connected to this struggle like You love me?"

    What will I do trusting God with the results?
    When will I do this trusting God with the results?
    Where will I do it trusting God with the results?

  • None of us can do this alone. HomeFront Missions Teams are a tool for the Body of Christ, designed to help one another live out the Gospel. Youth For Christ's Story Finder trains and equips students and adults to Personalize the Gospel. This prepares them to share their Gospel story with unsaved friends.