Try a Holy Experiment today.

A step of faith for a friend discovered in prayer.

Okay. This is it. Let's do this. Can you imagine what God wants to do?


Ask God to put someone on your heart, in your thoughts. It's someone He loves and cares about. You are God's choice for introducing Himself to them. Does someone come to mind? They might be a friend, family member, neighbor, classmate, co-worker, or someone you come across in other regular activities like the gym or grocery store. Got someone in mind? Trust it's from the Lord. 


Ask God, our gracous Heavenly Father and Savior, what He thinks of this person His Son died for? Are there things you are not aware of yet that God knows about your friend? What is His compassion like? Do they have needs?  What's their story?


How does God want you to love this person as He loves you? Ask Him. What way can you connect with this person? Ask Him to be specific about what, when and where. Listen. Always make sure what you hear aligns with the Bible.

  • What to do.
  • When to do it.
  • Where to do it.

Check out Their Story for ideas.


Do it. Always be ready to share the story of how Jesus saved you.

Please use this form to help you pray through the process and sending it will inform us how to pray for you too. Don't for get to tell us what God does through you.

Tell us your Holy Experiment Story.