Holy Experiment

God + Me + Obedience = God Results

A mustard seed size step of faith. That's what a Holy Experiment is. And anyone can do it. It's not just something you do for God, it's something you do with God. He's inviting all of us to "follow Him into someone's life and become an expression of His love to them." 

  • It's Holy because we're setting ourselves apart for God in obedience to Him. And His command is to love one another as Jesus loves us.
  • It's an Experiment because we don't know nor can we control what the results of our step of faith will be. We obey and the Lord is faithful to finish the work He started and to do way more than we could ever imagine. Now we simply get to watch and, potentially, join Him again as the Holy Spirit guides us.
  • No pressure to get results. Results are God's responsibility. We're only messengers. And quite frankly, that's better for everyone. Here's our short definition:

"A step of faith for a friend discovered in prayer."

Exercise your relationship with God. There's nothing like being a part of something God asked us to do with Him.