3Story®: A way of life that guides followers of Christ to BE good news while telling stories of THE Good News.

Have you ever wished your unbelieving friends and family could just meet Jesus face to face? We could get past all the dialogue and arguments and really, really see how much Jesus loves them.  This is exactly what 3Story® accomplishes.

Jesus Himself said, “whoever believes in me will also do the works I do, and even greater things.” John 14:12

3Story® describes how this happens as followers of Jesus connect with God and with others. In this meshing of three lives, three living stories (God’s Story, My Story and Their Story) our friends and family meet God in us, the Body of Christ. It’s more than swapping stories, it’s sharing my life with my friend.  As Jesus revealed God in person on this earth so the Body of Christ reveals Jesus in person on this earth.

Three ways to learn more about living 3Story®.